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Web & Software Development

What we do

Software Development

Creating software solutions that’s expandable, flexible and reliable


Are your website visitors doing what you want them to do? Our user-focused approach puts your customers at the core of your site - while keeping your brand and business objectives firmly in mind. The sites we build are fresh, bold and easy-to-use. Perfect solutions for online businesses.

"Your site will be built on incredibly strong technical foundations and your brand will be infused into every page."

Our team has a new generation of both technical and creative front end developers that get the new challenges of delivering content over mobile, tablet and desktop.


To click or not to click. With attention spans getting shorter and constraints of load times it's the thought that gets put into the page design and content that makes all the difference.

Clients now realise the importance of undertaking User Experience (UX) work before getting into the visual design and development of new websites or its features.

We employ numerous techniques to make sure your website speaks to your audiences and solves the problems that your users or members experience.

"Our in-house designers are well versed in what makes visitors tick (or click)!"


"Are you losing customers during the payment process?"

Our eCommerce development focuses on making the shopping experience as intuitive as possible for your site visitors. That way you will get less abandoned shopping carts and more completed orders. 

New data shows that whilst business websites are losing traffic to social channels, eCommerce store traffic is on the rise. The tricky part is using the perfect e-comm platform for your business and organisation. We can help quantify your current eCommerce or measure up your new store's needs to suggest the simplest and most cost effective ways for you to get to market.


We know that online communication allows your business to quickly collect, evaluate and act upon data received through your digital marketing campaigns. The trick is to make sure you set up your social marketing channels to work in unity with each other and to keep your message simple and direct throughout the campaign.

Which marketing strategies are right for me? Should I focus on driving traffic with SEO and display advertising? Or should I worry about developing valuable content? Should I focus on building a strong social media presence? Or should I launch an email marketing campaign? Our answer is all of the above!


With over 71% of enterprises deploying mobile solutions and over 60% of the population owning a smartphone it pays to take Mobile App Development seriously.

Ashraf Ibrahim offers both native and web App developers coupled with Creative UX design and seamless systems integration for the optimum solution. Having your site, store or app perform well is crucial in today's marketplace.


Our in-house developers have supreme skills to design and build technically complex, distinctive and bespoke software for your business and organisation. So why compromise with limited off-the-shelf software when we can develop a bespoke software specifically for you - regardless of how ambitious your ideas. Our developers have created everything from training software, eCommerce sites, to integrated intranets, extensive CRM platforms and multisystem platforms.


Creating a strategy is never a one time process, your business isn’t static so it stands to reason that the right answer will only be right for a time. We schedule regular roadmap reviews to ensure that your digital platform is still working hard against the right objectives. And once we think we’re done, we rinse and repeat the process.


Intranets are rarely just about content sharing; so we will get to the root of your business and organisation’s requirements and create a system that makes working easier, a bridge between teams and content. Using our experience in integration, we can design and develop an intranet that communicates with your company calendar, share document stores, CRM or HR systems to name a few.

"Powerful integrated intranets that unlock productivity with elegant user experiences tailored to your users "


Proven open source content management platform provides a productive environment for content contributors and developers.


Solve your admin, data management and website headaches with bespoke desktop and server applications that provide transparent, seamless integration between your in house platforms and the outside world. You name it, we'll build it: from tailored CRM software to networked project collaboration tools. All specifically designed to fit your organisation’s CRM integration with your website ensuring your staff and clients speak the same language.

"A proven methodology to create deep links with your CRM systems"


Sometimes you need a bit of outside help to look at things with fresh eyes. You know your business and its requirements best, but you may not have the in-house technical or business knowledge to make the most of every opportunity or solve every problem that arises.

Ashraf Ibrahim has the technical know-how, along with the real world business experience, to be able to look at what you do, your IT infrastructure, web presence and software systems and advise you what to do next or how best to deliver what you want to achieve.


Why struggle to manage several pieces of different technology, when we can make them work smoothly together in one integrated system. Integrating systems or merging and acquiring data can be a daunting and complex task, but at Ashraf Ibrahim we pride ourselves on taking the stress out of the process. 

Rather than taking a one size fits all approach, we take time to sit down and really understand the systems you are working with and what you want to achieve. Once we are all happy that we fully understand your needs, we will offer you a scalable and highly customisable solution that can support any application or protocol.